Climbing and Outdoor Centre

Far Peak Climbing is a dedicated climbing and bouldering centre with awesome facilities for kids, novices and expert climbers alike. It boasts indoor climbing and bouldering facilities, plus a 15m tall outdoor tower surrounded by woodlands and is open every day for lessons and general climbing activities.

Facilities and Lessons

Facilities include:

  • Indoor climbing walls 8m high
  • Dedicated Indoor bouldering area with 40-50 problems
  • Kids bouldering and traverse area
  • Outdoor climbing tower 15m with 22 lines
  • 3 auto belay lines on the tower
Lessons and activities include:
  • Kids lessons for age 3-6 and 7-16
  • Adult Tasters and Beginner Climbing Courses
  • Climbing Academy for age 4-8 and NICAS Academy for age 8-16
  • Children's Parties and Adult group sessions
  • Clip and Climb tasters
  • Abseil sessions

Who do we cater for?

Everyone is welcome to use our climbing centre, whether you are an experienced adult or a first timer.  Check out our CLIMBING CENTRE pages for all the details 

Other Activities.....